Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the course aim to provide?
The Specialist Paralegal Qualifications Courses aims to provide the experienced legal secretary/paralegal or support staff with a recognisable academic qualification confirmed by one of the UK’s leading law schools.
How is the course structured?
How much time do you recommend to study for the course?
How long can I take to complete the course?
Are there any eligibility requirements to take the course
Can I telephone CLT to book onto the courses?
Do I have to make a payment to secure a place on the course?
This course appeals to me but I cannot afford to fund it all at once. What payment options do you offer?
Who do I contact for details about the course?
When are the enrolment dates for the course?
What is best, home study or tutorials?
Once I am enrolled, how long will I need to wait before I receive the materials?
Am I required to attend any other courses to support my learning?
What qualification do I get once I have completed the course?
Who are the course tutors?
Can I talk to the tutors direct?
What standard do I need to reach to pass my assignments?
How do I receive the feedback for my assignment? And how long will it take?
How long will it take to get my certificate once I have completed the course?
What happens if I fail an assignment?
Can I re-register for the course?
Can I do more than one subject area?
If I experience any problems with the course, whom do I contact?