Specialist Paralegal Qualification in Criminal Litigation

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The Specialist Paralegal Qualification in Criminal Litigation incorporates a detailed examination of practical aspects of the criminal law, including coverage of the courts system, procedure, sources, evidence, sentancing, defences and appeals with detailed reference to legislative provisions and judicial precedent.




  • The Criminal Law of England and Wales - Background and Sources
  • Some Common Crimes
  • The Classification of Crimes
  • The Rise of Non-court Disposals
  • Modes of Commission of Crime
  • Evidence in Criminal Cases
  • Prosecuting Offences
  • Defences to Crimes
  • Legal Aid
  • Defending Persons Accused of Crime
  • The Criminal Procedure Rules
  • Sentancing
  • Criminal Appeals


Students will be provided with dedicated textbooks which have been written specifically for the course and include all the judicial precedent, legislative provision, forms, worked examples and teachings that the student would require.
The course materials are developed to the highest quality and are fully self-contained, therefore students do not need to purchase additional materials.


Useful for...


Students and graduates of this programme hail from throughout the public and private sector. In particular, the course has been popular with aspiring or practising private practice paralegals, legal secretaries, legal executives and other legal service professionals. The course is particularly popular with those operating with criminal justice, in prosecution or defence, court services or as part of the police force.


Client feedback


" The clear and concise material provided by CLT, the fact it is distance learning so you can earn and study and the helpfulness of the staff.

Go for it! By gaining my qualification with CLT it has helped me develop my business which hopefully will improve the quality of life for my growing family "

Katie Horner, Director, Topiary Legal Consultancy



Expert tutor


Matthew Hickling LLB

Matthew Hickling qualified as a solicitor in 1990. He has been well established within the profession since 1994 as an independant freelance trainer, best known for his motivating and enjoyable presentations

Course fees


£1,695 + VAT

£1,495 + VAT for CLT members


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